Climate Based Daylight Modelling

Climate Based Daylight Modelling is a technique that involves the use of climate-based data to predict the quantity and quality of daylight of the space to optimise the design of the building and the comfort of the building’s occupants.

Our team offers complete Climate Based Daylight Modelling, sunlight and shading calculations, and daylight factor calculations, from the earliest stages of concept design to detailed compliance analysis for all building types to improve wellbeing, reduce energy consumption and maximise visual comfort.

We utilise Level 5 software “IES” and local weather files to produce a daylight simulation model that calculates the quality and quantity of sunlight and daylight to deliver accurate daylight calculations for every project. Utilising CBDM helps our clients explore the opportunities for daylight optimisation throughout the design allowing designs to enhance natural light levels within the building spaces.

Daylight modelling can be carried out to support a BREEAM assessment or for schools funded by the Department for Education where compliance with the CBDM criteria within the DfE Output Specification is required.