Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) enables 3D modelling and simulation. This tool enables our clients and stakeholders to really visualise their projects. It also provides a platform for collaboration between designers, with information embedded in the design on the different elements of the design.

We have extensive experience of delivering projects using BIM and using a Common Data Environment.

However, our approach to Digital Engineering and Common Data Environment goes beyond BIM. We have invested in the software MagiCAD. The focus of MagiCAD is not just about being able to collaborate with the rest of the design team in a 3D environment, but for our engineers to be able to design in a 3D environment.

MagiCAD is an MEP Engineering Digital Design (EDD) tool, and works in conjunction with REVIT. Every 3D project we work on uses REVIT. However, instead of using REVIT as a simple 3D draughting tool, we use MagiCAD as a highly sophisticated EDD tool that produces the design in REVIT, and is then capable of undertaking pipe sizing, ductwork sizing, pressure loss calculations, heat loss and heat gain calculations, ventilation air flow rate calculations, in room noise level calculations, produce accurate dimensioned builders work drawings and schedules, plant schedules, etc, plus much more. All this is done in a REVIT platform and data is exchangeable in either direction.

We have made a significant investment in REVIT & MagiCAD and believe we are uniquely placed to deliver true digital engineering.