Building & Energy Modelling

We have an in-house Building & Energy Modelling Team who produce 3D models using Level 5 software “EDSL TAS”. This software can undertake dynamic thermal analysis, Climate Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

This software is essential to ensure that our M&E Designs meet strict design criteria for buildings, such as TM52 (Adaptive Thermal Comfort) compliance and CBDM compliance, together with the requirement to comply with Part L Building Regulations. However, wherever possible we go one step further than Part L and improve on the actual Building Emission Rate (BER).

Many Clients require a percentage reduction from the Target Emission Rate (TER) and we achieve this by utilising passive design measures first, including improving natural ventilation of the building, increasing thermal mass, introducing Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and only if this fails will we will introduce renewable energy technologies. In the last 12 months our modelling team has saved 400,000KG/CO² per year on a range of projects. Over a 25 year lifetime, that equates to 10M KG/CO².