Passive Design Optimisation

The efficiency of our building services solutions is closely linked to the passive performance of the building. Our M&E engineers work closely with our in-house Building & Energy Modelling Team to identify how a building can be best designed to reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions. We always follow the best practice 3 step route to sustainability; be LEAN, be CLEAN, be GREEN.

As part of this approach, we first begin with passive design strategies to ensure every building uses as little energy as possible. Passive design strategies maximise the use of ‘natural’ sources for heating, cooling and ventilation such as:

  • Maximising Natural Ventilation
  • Nighttime cooling
  • Enhanced thermal performance
  • Enhanced solar shading and glazing specification
  • Phase change materials
  • Use of sustainable or recycled materials
  • Maximising daylight

By ensuring the best use of passive design strategies, it is possible to reduce capital cost, running costs and carbon emissions of the development. Our use of the latest computer software and modelling techniques provides us with a detailed understanding of how these passive design strategies will work effectively within the building to improve the interior comfort for all end-users, increase energy efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.