Digital Design

Like many designers in the AEC industry, we utilise Autodesk Revit software to produce our designs in a 3D environment. This software is designed as a 3D drawing tool, but as this is an American product, the building services design software included is not best suited for the UK market. To overcome this, and to allow our engineers to work in Revit and be able to utilise the model to perform calculation functions that are UK compliant, we have invested heavily in the advanced digital engineering design & calculation software “MagiCAD.”

Utilising MagiCAD & other software plug-ins allows us to be uniquely placed to deliver true digital engineering design within a 3D environment. MagiCAD gives our design engineers the capability to undertake the following tasks within the Revit model;

  • Pipework network sizing and resistance calculation
  • Pipework schematic production
  • Accurate scheduling of all HVAC equipment
  • Ductwork network sizing and resistance calculation
  • Ductwork schematic production
  • Accurate scheduling of all grilles and diffusers
  • Electrical load sizing
  • Lighting design
  • Telecommunication & IT System design
  • Electrical circuiting detail and cable sizing
  • Electrical schematic production
  • Hydraulic System design
  • Clash detection and coordination

Digital Engineering and BIM provide a “Digital Twin” that works for everyone throughout the project lifecycle. These systems allow us to embrace technology, innovation, integrated project delivery and collaborative working to remain at the forefront of digital engineering.

As digital collaboration is key for construction teams to work efficiently and effectively together, we utilise Bluebeam Revu within our workflow. Bluebeam Revu allows our engineers to streamline the mark-up process, improve the working speed with drawings and dimensions, and organise and collaborate with PDF files in real-time. This allows the whole team to keep track of the design process and preserves important project data through completion and beyond.

Our team of experienced MEP engineers have decades of experience between them. Utilising digital technology enables us to integrate data about a building’s design, construction, and future function to develop the most efficient methods of delivery and operation.