Our Social Responsibility

We fully embrace our social responsibilities: as an employer, within the community, and in terms of our impact on the environment.

As an Employer

As an employer in Stockport, we take our social responsibility very seriously.

We look to continually develop our employees, and provide significant opportunities for them to do so. Over the last 15 years we have funded and supported 15 engineers to undertake further education at local colleges and universities. In addition we provide monthly Continual Professional Development Workshops for all of our engineers, so that they can continue to develop their skills.

We also invest in the next generation of engineers, including offering apprenticeship opportunities and work experience opportunities.

We also work closely with the local colleges to provide feedback on the training of building services engineers, to ensure that the next generation of engineers are work-ready.

In the Community

We support the local community through our employees.  Where our employees are involved with local community groups and clubs, we support their involvement, through providing time off work to undertake charitable activities and financial support.

The Environment

We have the greatest impact on the environment as building services design engineers.  However, we also consider our environmental impact in terms of our day-to-day activities, having been awarded our carbon-negative status in accordance with the global PAS 2060 standard in 2023. Our approach to the environment is accredited in Environmental Management standard ISO 14001.