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S I Sealy deliver 23 decarbonisation studies for Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Over the past few months, our Building & Energy Modelling team have assisted Greater Manchester Combined Authority by delivering numerous energy surveys for a range of fire stations with a potential combined carbon reduction of 733 tonnes per year.

The studies provide Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service with calculations, advice and technology selection that will improve the energy performance for 23 fire station buildings, reduce the carbon emissions, and assist Greater Manchester Combined Authority on its way to meeting Greater Manchester’s target of being a carbon-neutral city region by 2038.

Each survey is tailored on a building-to-building basis and resulted in a range of suitable LZC technologies being proposed, such as Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP), Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP), Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP), Solar PV, fabric improvements, roof and wall insulation, LED systems, smart controls and control monitoring systems.

Based on the site, the proposed solutions reduce energy use and carbon emissions from 35% to 75% and showcase ample opportunities to reduce carbon emissions, energy use and improve thermal comfort within each building.

Find out more detail regarding the decarbonisation studies here