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Wythenshawe Hospital, Simulation Suite

Client: Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Budget: £300K

Completed: 2013

S I Sealy was appointed to provide full mechanical and electrical consultancy services for a new Simulation Suite. The Simulation Suite is a realistic environment which reflects the challenges which occur in clinical practice.

The Suite offers state of the art training opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, as well as unique training opportunities for nursing and AHP from all specialities.

As well as the training areas, there are separate observation rooms complete with audiovisual monitoring which allows students not actively involved in the scenarios to observe and decide upon their own clinical management plan.

The brief included installing an air compressor system to mimic the usage of medical gases to the Simulation Rooms. A heavily serviced control room was installed to allow the controllers to provide different emergency scenarios to allow the students to develop skills in responding to emergency procedures, such as mains failure, loss of lighting, and heart failures (ie. Crash team calls).

Audio/visual systems were installed to allow the monitoring in the control room of the students. This was also linked to two Briefing Rooms, from where the simulation scenarios can be viewed, recorded and played back for training purposes.