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Wellacre Technology College New Eco Centre, Flixton

Client: Wellacre College

Architect: Ansell & Bailey

Budget: £400K

Completed: 2010

The new Wellacre Technology College Eco Centre opened to pupils in the summer of 2010. It is an excellent example of a truly sustainable building with an embedded carbon footprint significantly lower than that of a steel, concrete or masonry building. Total carbon reduction compared to a traditionally constructed building over 10 years is expected to be in excess of 25 tonnes.

Wellacre Technology college, who appointed Ansell & Bailey as Architects and S I Sealy to act as BREEAM Assessors and M&E designers are keen to ensure that the new Eco Centre is as environmentally sustainable as possible, both in terms of embedded Carbon and operational Carbon emissions, whilst being constructed to a budget.

After an in-depth feasibility study, a number of low and zero-carbon technologies or LZCs have been incorporated into the design of the centre, which includes a reed bed and two Biodomes. Technologies incorporated into the design include a biomass boiler plant, solar thermal collectors, wind turbine, rainwater harvesting, heat pumps, natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, all closely monitored and evaluated by the use of a sophisticated BMS control system incorporating heat meters.

  • Overall Winner of Green Apple Award
  • Biomass Boiler Plant
  • Solar Thermal Collectors
  • Wind Turbine
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Natural Ventilation