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University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, Translational Biomedical Research Centre

Client: Extraspace Solutions

Budget: £1.8m

Completed: 2016

The University of Bristol worked in partnership with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust to develop a new Translational Biomedical Research Centre.

We provided the detailed designs for the new build state of the art heart surgery training facilities. This development includes a hybrid theatre, which provides angiographic imaging capabilities integrated within an operating suite, this includes an MRI facility and a CT Scanner facility. It also included a digital display training facility.

The angiographic imaging equipment required the room to be lead-lined. In addition, the clinical and services requirements for imaging and surgery, were very different. These requirements made the detailed design of the services complex. The design also included GLP laboratory and pre-clinical bio-bank with NHS cryo-storage systems. It was HBN/HTM compliant, as well as Home Office standards compliant. It included medical gases/plant, a chilled water installation, HTM air pressure regime.

  • HBN/HTM Compliant
  • Home Office standards compliant
  • Medical gases/plant