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The Royal Oldham Hospital, Critical Care Unit Expansion

Client: Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust

Budget: £450K

Completed: 2020

Our team worked with Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust on the refurbishment and expansion of the Critical Care Unit at The Royal Oldham Hospital. The project comprised of an additional six critical care beds, along with the creation of a conference room, three storerooms, a visitor room and two interview rooms. Increasing the number of beds required phasing on the live CCU as the hospital and CCU needed to remain fully operational.

Our team began by surveying the site to establish the existing services available and to establish what enhancements were needed to provide fully HTM compliant services to the CCU. As part of the works, a new HTM03-01 compliant air handling unit was installed on the roof of the hospital. New ductwork was installed connecting to the unit and extending along the roof and into the CCU department, with the ventilation system providing the high levels of air changes within a CCU whilst maintaining the correct temperature and pressure control.

The medical gas system was provided, which included new AVSU, Oxygen, Vacuum and 4Bar Medical Air supply to each side of the bed heads within the CCU. The HTM-02 medical gas system utilised was based on Dual Circuits with double the number of terminal units on each side of the bed.

We provided an electrical installation that was fully compliant with HTM 06 and BS7671. Additional electrical infrastructure was installed and integrated into the existing installation, providing isolated power supplies to the socket outlets at bed heads. The existing fire alarm system was extended into the new development and designed to meet the requirements of an L1 system as described in BS 5839 and HTM 05. The new ventilation system was equipped with a set of fire smoke dampers maintaining fire integrity and new smoke damper panel with fireman override switch.