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The Christie NHS Foundation Trust Multi-Storey Car Park, Manchester

Client: The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Budget: £8.2m

Completed: 2013

S I Sealy has provided M&E services for a new build multi-storey car park, which is part of the Masterplan for the Kinnaird Road site. We submitted applications for new incoming services which were sied to future-proof the whole Kinnaird Road Site. We approached the Statutory Authorities to confirm if their existing services required diverting to allow the new entrance to the site to be created.

We have worked closely with the architect to incorporate a natural ventilation strategy as part of the building construction. Early development of natural ventilation in the design has reduced the energy consumption, capital cost as well as the carbon footprint of the building.

This project also includes cold water distribution for wash down and landscape watering; fire hydrant ring main; dry riser design; lighting design for the car park; access road and green swath; distribution of general power within the car park; security installation including CCTV cameras, Access Control and Security Barriers, Fire alarm installation throughout, Data installation throughout and Lightning Protection system. The Security, Fire and Data installation will be connected into the existing infrastructure on Oak Road where the main security office is located. All work on this project will be carried out in accordance with the Park Mark Scheme.