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StockRoom, Stockport

Client: CBRE Ltd & Stockport Coucil

Architect: AEW Architects

Budget: £14.5m

Completed: 2022

CBRE Ltd and Stockport Council have appointed S I Sealy to provide the full design for the M&E fit-out and Building & Energy Modelling for the development of StockRoom, which will re-purpose 47,000 sq ft of retail space and Adlington Walk both within Stockport town centre.

Adlington Walk, a covered area off the main shopping centre at Merseyway linking to Chestergate and Stockport Old Town, is the first upgrade phase to the development plans. It will incorporate new shop frontages, enhanced customer facilities, baby change areas, quiet spaces, and a new stair and lift core, bringing people from the rooftop car park to the centre via a hotel-lobby style entrance.

StockRoom is a future-focused community and public-facing services hub that will re-purpose 47,000 sq. ft of retail space around Adlington Walk and will include bespoke spaces for a range of new businesses and services. It aims to celebrate the town’s culture and creativity, support the local economy, and promote health and well-being.

Along with the M&E design, our team conducted the thermal modelling assessment for the proposed basement archive. The basement will store a large volume of books, documents and other historically significant and environment-sensitive items.  The space will be designed to British Standard specifications EN 16893:2018 and BS 4971:2017 Conservation & Care of Archive & Library Collections.

The M&E design involves high-efficiency LED lighting, VRF Air Source Heat Pumps and variable air volume ventilation throughout.

The StockRoom project forms part of the Merseyway Redevelopment Plan led by AEW Architects, which comprises new shopfronts, landscaping and public realm improvements to the Merseyway Shopping Centre to bring new visitors into the area to support the vitality.

Images provided by AEW Architects

  • VRF Air Source Heat Pumps
  • LED lighting
  • Variable Air Volume Ventilation