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Sandridge Primary School, Hertfordshire

Client: Extraspace Solutions

Budget: £400K

Completed: 2013

This project, which we worked on with Extraspace Solutions, delivered a new single-storey classroom building extension, consisting of two class bases, WCs and storage.

The project also included a replacement hard play area and four additional car parking spaces at the existing site.

We utilised roof lights to bring in natural daylight to all areas, operated by CO2 sensors, rain sensors, a traffic light alert system for the teacher and a manual override, thus minimising the necessity for constant artificial lighting.

The project also included a large underground soakage blanket in order to utilise the natural rainfall for the betterment of the local flora and to alleviate the burden on an already oversubscribed storm drain system.

  • Roof Lights
  • Large Underground Soakage Blanket