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Lordship Farm Primary School, Hertfordshire

Client: ESS Modular

Budget: £400K

Completed: 2016

We worked with ESS Modular on this project, which included the manufacture, installation and fit-out of a new stand-alone single-storey classroom building extension, consisting of two class bases, WCs, storage, reception area, segregated plant room and associated groundworks and landscaping.

As it was a requirement of the client brief to target energy levels and adopt the “lean, clean and green” approach, we installed an energy-efficient intelligent lighting system which is operated by absence control, in addition to ambient lighting. We also utilised high-level vertical windows to bring in natural daylight and ventilation to all areas, operated by CO2 sensors, rain sensors, a traffic light alert system for the teacher and a manual override, thus minimising the necessity for constant artificial lighting.

We also built a large underground soakage blanket in order to utilise the natural rainfall for the betterment of the local flora and alleviate the burden on an already oversubscribed storm drain system.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting Control
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Large Underground Soakage Blanket