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Kingston University Hospital Urgent Treatment Centre, Major Injuries & Resus

Client: ESS Modular

Budget: £1.2m

Completed: 2018

We provided the detailed M&E building design for two modular extensions to the Kingston Hospital A&E department to enhance the existing department and improve patient services. The extensions were constructed using off-site modular building systems and comprise of a single-storey extension to form the Urgent Treatment Centre to the east of the hospital and a 2-storey modular building to the north. The site needed to remain live throughout the programme of works. Due to the location at the emergency department, a significant portion of the building was constructed off-site to minimise disruption to the existing hospital.

The new modular single storey Urgent Treatment Centre comprises a new reception area, waiting area, offices, children play area, plaster room and numerous UTC bays. The second extension comprises a two-storey modular building to the north of the hospital. It provides an extension to the Resuscitation and Majors department with the lower floor housing the new ventilation plant, hot water storage tanks and associated pumps.

As well as the RIBA Stage 3 Concept Design, we developed the detailed TAS thermal modelling, calculations, full ADL2A compliance reporting, including BRUKL reports and as designed and as-built EPC and lodgement.

The UTC building utilises Heat recovery units located on the UTC roof with supply and extract ductworks which are extended to the building through roof penetrations to the supply and extract grilles. Ventilation to the majors and resuscitation extension is provided by HTM03 compliant Ait Handling Unit located in the lower ground plant room. The supply ductwork to the two different buildings utilises trimmer batteries to control the temperature in the two different areas. The UTC utilises a VRF heat pump system to supply heating and cooling to the building with an external heat pump located on the UTC building roof and an air source heat pump system providing the domestic hot water. Each room benefits from a heating controller that is linked to a centralised controller in the plant room.

The Major and Resus building benefits from a HTM compliant Heat recovery air handling unit installed in the plant room complete with, electric frost battery, DX heating/ cooling coil, heat recovery plate heat exchanger and plug fans, and an air source heat pump supplying low pressured hot water to the building.

The final building design utilises LZC technologies to provide an energy-efficient, comfortable, and safe environment for patients. We were able to reduce the carbon emissions above the minimum ADL2A requirements by 15%.

  • Carbon Reduction of 17% above the minimum ADL2A
  • Heat Recovery Air Handling Unit
  • VRF Heat Pump System
  • TAS Thermal Modelling & Calculations