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Highcliffe Primary School, Leicester

Client: Spatial Initiative

Architect: AHR Architects

Budget: £1.5m

Completed: 2018

This project involved demolishing the existing junior school and replacing it with a new single-storey modular building with a multi-purpose hall, kitchen facilities, library, SEN therapy facilities and general teaching classrooms. The school remained in full operation throughout the works, so minimal disruption was required. This was achieved through careful coordination and phasing.

The new junior school used MMC (modern methods of construction) enabling large elements of the works to be carried out off-site, thus enabling the construction phase to meet key milestones and minimise disruption. The building services first and second fix was also completed in the off-site factory, reducing the construction time by 40%, compared to a traditional build.

Regular factory visits were conducted by our design engineers to check the installation progress and quality utilising In-house bespoke 3D digital surveying equipment.

The project achieved a 16.2% improvement to Part ADL2A of the Building Regulation by a fabric first approach and the use of LED lighting & NVHR (Natural Ventilation with Heat Recovery) by use of Hybrid Ventilation in all the classrooms.

TM52 Thermal Comfort & CBDM Compliance (climate-based daylight modelling) was achieved by our inhouse building & energy modelling department working closely with the architect and advising on the thermal envelope performance, fenestration and solar shading to ensure that the right levels of daylight were achieved without causing excessive glare or overheating.