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Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital

Client: Extraspace Solutions

Budget: £8m

Completed: 2015

S I Sealy was appointed to provide the detailed M&E designs for a series of projects:

Accident Assessment Unit
A new Accident Assessment Unit was built adjacent the existing Emergency Department. The project was delivered by a fast-track solution of an off-site modular construction.

The Firs
This was a new step-down facility for older patients. The building provides a less formal setting focused on enabling patients to become as mobile and independent with daily living activities as possible, in preparation for leaving hospital. The project was delivered by a fast-track solution of an off-site modular construction.

Enabling Works
As part of the Consultants’ Facility and LINAC Building, an enabling works package had to be delivered to ensure both buildings had sufficient power, gas and water. A full feasibility study was undertaken and Stage D & E reports were produced with complete budget costs to establish how the hospital could provide this service.

Consultants’ Facility
This project delivered a new stylish private patients’ facility, incorporating 12 Consulting rooms, each with a Secretary’s Office. The facility has an X-Ray department, treatment rooms and support staff offices. The specification was high-end to provide a private patients’ ambience. The facility includes a coffee bar with a large atrium style waiting area.

LINAC, MRI and CT Facility
This is a new cancer treatment centre, with state of the art cancer treatment equipment. A new LINAC laser machine will be installed within a purpose built concrete bunker which offers protection from the radiation emitted from the machine. A number of user group meetings and technical meetings with the manufacturer of the equipment and bunkers has delivered a co-ordinated and suitable M&E solution to heat, cool, power, ventilate and light the facility.

  • HTM/HBN Compliant